The Wave

    I hiked to the wave with my partner Ruth Hoyt and friend Eric Dong in February 2015.  I write about it because it was an inspiring hike and an awe inspiring sight.  We arrived at the trail head a little after daylight the morning of our permit to find temperatures in the 20s. []

Full Frame VS APS-C Camera Sensors

I am occasionally involved in discussions about which sensor format is better.  Full frame or APS-C?  It continues to be my opinion that they are equal if the photo sites are essentially the same size and the manufacturing technology is essentially equal.  That is to say that a 16mp APS-C sensor is the equal in []

Winter in Iceland

February 22 through 28, 2015 was a week of mixed hurricane force wind, white out driving conditions, rain and attendant cloudy skies.   But it was also a photo adventure where 11 of us from the east coast and south and an Icelandic guide photographed ice caves, glaciers, ice burgs on black sand beach, one []

Bird photography workshop

A while back I mentioned that I may hold a bird photography workshop in spring 2015.  I know it is a bit late to post it here but I will be presenting a short program titled “A Brief Introduction to Bird Photography” on 19 March at the Greater New Orleans Camera Club regular meeting. The []

Loosing Ground

This is a post that is very different from most I have done.  It is not about photography, travel, birding or any of my other adventures.  It is about the loss, the accelerating loss of land in South East Louisiana.  I spend a lot of time in the costal marshes and have been aware of []

Birds in flight workshop

I am considering holding a “Birds in Flight” workshop sometime in spring 2015.  I wonder if anyone is interested? Option 1.- is either ½ or a full day workshop that would include a few hours in a classroom and the remaining time in the field photographing birds.  The birds will be gulls. Option 2.- is []

A smart phone app that does it all

This is a brief post.  It is a revolution for me and I wanted to pass it on to others who are interested in some information that allows us to go beyond casual photography. I just found a smart phone app that does all of the things I have a fair number of apps to []

Bosque del Apache trip

The Bosque del Apache trip is posted on Adventures in Photography now.  Check it out if you are interested in waterfowl on their wintering grounds.  The big hitters are Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese.  There are plenty of other species there too.  We will also visit White Sands for afternoon and night photography.  The trip []

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are a wonderful place to visit any time of the year.  However, if you can travel as you wish I suggest you visit there in May as the animals and landscape begin to wake after a long winter and in late September-early October when the animals and the landscape []

The last Pygmy Owl post for this year.

    Ruth and I went to the San Miguelito Ranch again because we heard that the Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl chicks had fledged and we might be able to see them together out of the nest box.  We got there about 3 days later.  They were still there but were more comfortable with the world and []

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