Political Truth Telling

This whole thing of political untruths is driving me  a little mad.  First politicians lie.  Trump seems to be the champion prevaricator of all time, perhaps the world champion.  Second, so many people either believe the lies without doing a little study or don’t care that they are lies or make excuses for the lies.  I am not saying most of these are stupid people but how can we be so gullible?  How can we support people who we know are lying?  How can we support a president who has no dignity?

Yes, I voted for Trump but I have come a long way in the intervening years.  I talk to people and get a sense that they are mostly still in his camp.  Those who I speak with who are retired or otherwise take the time to be informed and practice critical thinking, will not vote for him in 2020.  I think they are in the minority unless the China tariffs begin to pinch peoples budgets.

Have we gone mad?

This NY Times article focuses on fact checking.  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/30/reader-center/fact-checking-politics-presidential-election.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article   Why do we need someone to fact check political speeches?  The answer is clear to me.  We have dishonorable politicians in power in both parties. Everyone will quickly agree to that theory.  None of us can do the research to validate every fishy statement.  So, it is great to have a few reliable organizations who will do it for us.  Should we believe them?  Not blindly but my research shows me that the New York Times, Fact Check and Snopes are reasonably reliable sources.  When I read reviews on Snopes no one seems to like them.  They were too liberal.  They are too conservative. There are many reviews that tell me that Snopes isn’t trying to please any group.

 As to why we believe things that are not true this TED talk "Why do we believe things that are not true” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jobYTQTgeUE  is one answer.  That knowledge does not make me feel better or give me faith that we will make proper decisions when selecting our leaders.

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