Unfair trade practice

I designed a fantastic new shirt.  The material in that shirt will change thermal efficiency with the changes in external temperature.  In fact it can cool the wearer in hot weather and warm the wearer I cold weather.  It is light and flexible.  It is the perfect shirt.

I want you to manufacture this shirt because your have an efficient and relatively inexpensive manufacturing process.  Because of your efficiencies, I can earn more profit on my shirt.  However, because you have manufactured my designs in the past, I know you are likely to copy my design and begin a competitive line of shirts separately from mine and sell them at a price lower than I can sell mine and still make a profit.  From past experience I know that discussing the problem will bring no acceptable solution.  You will continue to copy my design and sell it at a very low price.

I am in a quandary.  What should I do?

1. Discuss it with my father and ask him to intervene because you are unfair?

2. Speak to my customers and explain what unfair practices you are engaged in and ask them to boycott your shirts?

3. Give up and go out of business?

4. Accept that you will do what you have done before and hope customers will prefer my shirts because they have my label on them?

5. Find another manufacturer who is as capable as you, may charge more for the shirt, and will not copy my design and manufacture a competitive line?

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