Birds of a Feather

I am pleased to announce that I have a gallery exhibition opening April 2, 2016 at Steve Martins Fine Art Gallery, 624 Julia St. New Orleans La.  The reception is from 6pm to 9pm.  The exhibition will be in the gallery until May 2.

My birds are predominantly birds that “flock together,” nest together in dense housing areas called rookeries. The distance between nests is often the area that they can defend from neighbors. Even the usually solitary Great Blue Heron will be found in one of these crowded areas during the nesting season. It is a common trait of many wading and shore birds. Most of the birds are common to the southern states but I have seen many including the Great Blue Heron much farther to the north. A few like the Atlantic Puffin never come south.
The images are all on canvas.  Nominally they are 20x30 inches.  Some are a bit smaller and some larger.  The largest is a 36x36 abstract.

Please come and view the images.  I think you will enjoy them.


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