Full Frame VS APS-C Camera Sensors

I am occasionally involved in discussions about which sensor format is better.  Full frame or APS-C?  It continues to be my opinion that they are equal if the photo sites are essentially the same size and the manufacturing technology is essentially equal.  That is to say that a 16mp APS-C sensor is the equal in terms of image quality as a 36mp full frame sensor.  I have read a few articles that discuss this subject and none have been convincing or have not addressed the issue in the terms I mention.  The most recent article I read is very interesting but I am still not convinced that full frame sensors are superior to APS-C when compared as above.  It is however a good article and the comments by readers are perhaps yet more informative.  Of course some of the comments are not relevant but if the subject interests you be sure to read the comments.  I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject.  This is the article


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