Bird photography workshop

A while back I mentioned that I may hold a bird photography workshop in spring 2015.  I know it is a bit late to post it here but I will be presenting a short program titled “A Brief Introduction to Bird Photography” on 19 March at the Greater New Orleans Camera Club regular meeting. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM at the Munholland United Methodist Church 1201 Metairtie Road, Metairie, La. It is a free program. The presentation will include a demonstration of some of my bird photography equipment and a slide show. During the slide show I will discuss techniques for photographing birds, what makes a good bird photograph and provide some tips for bird flight photography. 

As a follow on to this presentation I will hold a mini workshop to help participants practice and experiment with what they learned. This mini workshop will be held at Lafreniere Park at 0900 21 March. Because of its relatively central location and large number of birds it is an excellent location to practice our bird photography skills.

If someone wants more information they can email or call me.

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