Published: March 2014

Bird Photographers

Just a quick bit of information for bird photographers and of course birders if there are any who do not know about this website.  If interested in the spring bird migration I suggest you look at this Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Cast website. It predicts bird movement throughout the Gulf Coast so if []

Texas birds

I will get back to China at another time but my South Texas Bird trip with Ruth Hoyt as my guide is on my mind at the moment.  We have been shooting with another couple (clients of Ruth’s) on two ranches.  These ranches are among those I have mentioned in the past.  They have blinds, []


  I just returned from the China trip on Sunday. It was a great trip and I will likely be talking about it here and elsewhere for some time. China is another land of contrasts. The larger cities are very modern and bustling with activity and energy. The villages still seem to be in another century. Probably []