Published: February 2014

Adventures in Photography (New Orleans La.)

Our new meet up site has just gone live. Take a look at Our travel will be to photo destinations almost anywhere. We have traveled to Iceland and will go to China soon. Another trip to Iceland is scheduled for May and a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks is planned for []

Have you tried Mirrorless

As a wildlife photographer I us large DSLR cameras and a full range of lenses.  If you do the same you know how heavy and bulky these systems are.  Not to mention the difficulty when you travel by air.  Some lenses, 600mm and larger, cost almost as much to transport as your airline ticket.  Then []

photo by Ruth Hoyt

The beginning of my blog

There are plenty of blogs available for your reading in the internet.  This is just another to clutter the blogosphere.  Hopefully someone will find it interesting and perhaps even useful.  My plan is to write about subjects related to photography, travel and of course whatever else strikes my fancy.  Of course I will make every []