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Global Warming a solution?

Most of us have an opinion about global warming. Some say it doesn’t exist. Some say it is caused by emissions. Some say it is simply a natural cycle of the earth and some say the emissions caused by man are not the cause of global warming. Most agree that the cause is carbon dioxide []

Birds of a Feather

For those of you who couldn’t make the opening of my exhibition “Birds of a Feather” tonight, I have a video which will give you an idea of what the show looked like.  It was a great evening.  My friend/partner Ruth Hoyt is the videographer.

photo by Ruth Hoyt

The beginning of my blog

There are plenty of blogs available for your reading in the internet.  This is just another to clutter the blogosphere.  Hopefully someone will find it interesting and perhaps even useful.  My plan is to write about subjects related to photography, travel and of course whatever else strikes my fancy.  Of course I will make every []